Tecnico di Europoliuretani


Europoliuretani compliments its existing industry leading service by implementing cutting edge augmented reality (AR). A technology that opens new horizons, such as the technical assistance, providing numerous advantages.

Augmented reality makes technical assistance efficient, immediate, and eliminates delays by distance and technician availability. This is a real “collaborative assistance” between the technician and the operator, who is guided step by step on training and trouble shooting safely on the machine

All of our equipment includes a QR code, you just need to scan it to initiate the augmented reality technical assistance. The operator receives from our technicians 2D-information (such as photos, video and documents), but in 3D as well. 3D information allows the operator to intervene directly on the equipment and they are guided in real-time by the technician from a remote location. The operator wears a pair of smart glasses provided and is able to visualize and take instructions directly on the system while working in complete safety. These smart glasses are transparent glasses that allows our technicians to virtually see the information in digital format of what your operator or technical staff are currently looking at. This augmented reality assistance works on all of our systems, polyurethane glue dispensers, polyurethane injection and polyurethane gasket applicators either equipped with cartesian or anthropomorphic robotics. This type of service is available for more complex systems custom-made for the client as well.

When the assistance is terminated, our technicians will provide a report that summarizes the material sent, the mode of intervention, the procedure, the time, etc.


  • Immediate assistance
  • Quick resolution
  • on-the-job training
  • Reduction of travel, transportation, and intervention costs
  • Optimization of the process
  • Transmission of clear information

We believe this advanced technology is a simple but effective way to ensure a constant support.