Polyurethane systems

The innovative range of polyurethane systems for industrial injection applications for rigid, semi-rigid or flexible foams.

Fusti poliuretanici di Europoliuretani

What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane belongs to the category of thermosetting polymers that form a solid foam through the reaction of polyols and isocyanates in the liquid state and other additives. Polyurethane is known for its very high thermal and acoustic insulation capacity.

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We are eco-friendly

Plant-based and recycled polyurethane systems

The polyols we use for our polyurethane systems are plant-based, such as castor oil, and come from recycled PET bottles. Every day we work on looking for solutions that reduce pollution for a more sustainable future.



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Application sectors

Our rigid and flexible polyurethane foams are excellent for these industries



In industrial refrigeration, foams, namely low-density ones, are used as an excellent thermal insulator. Examples of these products include cold rooms, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated counters, blast chillers, sandwich panels, etc.

Hot thermal insulation


Rigid foam is used as a thermal insulator to keep the temperature inside products such as boilers, including industrial ones, warm.

Air treatment

aeraulic systems

Rigid foam is used as a thermal insulator in aeraulic systems for air purification and thermostatic temperature control. The ducts that transport treated air can also be pre-insulated with polyurethane or subsequently covered with thermal and/or acoustic insulating material.

Profiles and frames

doors and windows

The low-density polyurethane system injected into profiles and frames is used to provide a stiffer structure and, as a result, thermal and acoustic insulation. Fire doors are also coated with polyurethane to ensure high resistance to fire and isolate flames.

Automotive and transport


As for the transport sector, this is namely related to the transport of insulating vehicles and our foams are perfect to preserve the temperature required inside them compared to the ambient temperature.



The polyurethane foams used in the nautical sector are employed to fill buoys, including lifebuoys, and various parts that need to ensure buoyancy if the outer shell breaks.

Moulding and thermoforming

molding and thermoforming

Polyurethane foam is used to fill or coat products deriving from thermoforming to give them a more solid structure.

Furniture and wooden effect


Polyurethane is used for armchairs, sofas and furnishing items. High-density rigid polyurethane systems are also used to produce decorative items that imitate wooden products.

Toys and sports equipment

Toys and sporting goods

Toys and sports equipment are made of flexible or integral polyurethane to pad mattresses, gloves, punchbags, saddles for motorcycles or horses, shoe soles, rugby balls, anti-stress gadgets, etc.

Memory foam

Memory Foam

Viscoelastic polyurethane foams are also used in memory foam and mattresses because of the high elasticity of the foam, which provides top comfort levels. The additives in these foams make the foam thermosensitive, so that it can be softened and moulded, and then go back to its original shape after being used.