8-Head Injection Foaming Plant

A large rigid polyurethane foaming plant, equipped with as many as eight dispensing heads, was custom designed and built for a prestigious client in Poland.
Through this article, we will fully dive into the details of the project, revealing the solution created especially for the customer.

Table of contents:
  • The Client
  • The Request
  • Design and Layout
  • Production and Installation
  • Conclusion

The Client

The client, which operates in the field of refrigeration, is a renowned international group specializing in providing solutions for the restaurant, catering and refrigeration industry.

Its activities include the production of a variety of products including refrigerated counters, refrigerated cabinets and tables, and blast chillers of excellent quality.

A leading player in a global context, it markets its products globally by successfully operating as many as 9 manufacturing plants distributed in various parts of the world.

The Request

The customer needed to expand and invest in a new polyurethane injection plant given the strong growth of its business.

Our sales engineer, followed by the technical engineers, visited the customer to understand the current foaming plant, plant space, and additional technical requirements.

Their main request was for a state-of-the-art foaming plant that was simple in operation and had the capability for each dispensing head to foam the rigid polyurethane on several specific points.

The previous foaming system

The previously employed foaming system, not supplied by Europoliuretani, consisted of two foaming machines and three main foaming areas, each consisting of several polyurethane injection molds.

Although the foaming machines were operational and accurately mixed the two components, they lacked the latest technological innovations to facilitate its use.

In addition, the equipment was impractical in that considerable physical effort had to be expended to move the mixing head from one mold to another and then lift it vertically for the foaming process.

Design and Layout

In the design and layout phase, lasting about two months, a synergy was established between Europoliuretani and the client.

This collaboration led to an innovative solution more quickly through the exchange of ideas, experience, sharing of resources in the various meetings that took place in Poland for the design of the plant.

The Solution

To meet the need to inject polyurethane onto numerous foaming jigs already in the plant, the large foaming plant features two main axes of great length, eight advanced foaming heads, two efficient foaming machines, and two flag arms.

To best explain the system in its entirety, we break it down into 3 parts:

  • Zone 1 : 30- meter axis
  • Zone 2 : Axis of 12 meters
  • Zone 3: 2 flag arms

Zone 1- 30-meter axis

A foaming machine of the HPE P 80 COMPACT model is connected to the 30-meter axis, which will support 4 mixing heads to foam polyurethane.
The axis includes a sliding trolley for moving the dispensing heads.

Characteristics of dispensing heads: 

  • Head mounted on a fixed structure above the presses 
  • Horizontal motorized sliding along the full length of the axis to the presses 
  • The heads also move upward, downward with forward and backward movements to reach deeper into multiple foaming points.
  • They have a monitor where the operator selects foaming programs in seconds based on the part to be produced.

Zone 2 – 12-meter axis

A second foaming machine of the same model is connected to the second 12-meter axis in which 2 dispensing heads slide. 

Also included for this second axis is full-length motorized sliding support and structure for housing and handling the heads. 

Zone 3- The 2 flag arms.

Two flag arms (one 5-meter and the other 4-meter) have been placed near the foaming machines where there are other foaming jigs for injecting polyurethanes.

In order to foam on these jigs, the mixing head, in addition to sliding along the horizontal axis to reach the most remote injection points, has a vertical movement to precisely align with the foaming point.

Each flag has a rotation of 180°.

The foaming machines

The HPE High Pressure machines represent the top of the range of foaming machines produced and marketed by Europoliuret for two-component polyurethanes.

Versatility, exclusive design and ease of use are just some of the features that make the HPE series an ideal machine for all types of foaming.

The two HPE P 80 COMPACT foaming machines have been placed on top of a mezzanine floor, this choice was made to save space and to allow the storage of raw materials underneath: a simple but effective solution to reduce overall dimensions.

The machines are connected to the company’s management program for important analysis data, and since the foaming machines are not easily accessible, we installed 4 touch monitors in the various work areas.

This solution allows the operator to maintain complete control and management of the foaming machine, even when they are in more remote locations.

Production and Installation

From the time of design confirmation and layout, it took us only 4 months to complete the installation, thanks to the outstanding team of technicians and experts dedicated to assembly and production.

The installation, which was carried out in about 20 working days, was accompanied by constant support to the customer to ensure rapid commissioning of the system.


We built an in-line foaming plant using innovative foaming machines and mixing heads. 

The plant is modernized and efficient just as the customer requested, the flags and axes equipped with motorized carriage allow the operator to accompany the movement of the dispensing head without any physical effort. 

Strong is our enthusiasm for designing large-scale equipment, as this involves significant teamwork and deep synergy with the customer. 

Enthusiasm comes from implementing innovative and tailor-made projects that constantly challenge our skills and experience. 

We pride ourselves on achieving excellent results and supporting our clients in the best way possible.