1k and 2k dispensers

For polyurethane adhesives single-component and dual-component

For higher quality work and glue application. Practical dispensers that are easy to use and almost maintenance-free.

Excellent glue preservation

Maximum gluing precision

No direct contact or product inhalation

No maintenance


For frequent production and glues with any viscosity

1k IBC Dispenser

For high production outputs


For reduced production needs and low viscosity glues

2k DISPENSERS from the 30 SERIES and 100 SERIES

For dual-component polyurethane glues

Your custom project is a challenge to go as far as achieving the impossible

We design your system together with you down to the smallest detail, providing you with a ‘turnkey’ service. With our experience in the sector, we are able to create systems with unique automated equipment designed around you.

Why automate your system?

If the glue is used repeatedly, it ensures more efficient production, thereby reducing manual work. We design and manufacture the best automated system for faultless gluing precision.