Polyurethane gaskets

For those who are after more than a simple gasket: one that seals and protects from any outdoor condition.

Resistant to steam, oil and fuel
to water
Excellent compressive strength

The polyurethane gaskets developed by us are applied using the FIPFG (Formed-In-Place Foam Gasket) technology system, i.e. a foam gasket formed on site.
This system has two main advantages: there is no joint and the gasket clings firmly to the surface.

ProGask is 99% resistant to water!

Years of studies, experiments and tests have led to the creation of ProGask Idro, the water-resistant polyurethane gasket.
ProGask Idro is the result of the work carried out by chemical and mechanical engineers, who have teamed up to share their knowledge for a sensational result.

ProGask Idro is 99% water-resistant, though this does not alter its chemical properties! An extraordinary achievement!

Testa di miscelazione Guarnizioni poliuretanica Europoliuretani Impianti Automatizzati

Invincible against outdoor conditions

ProGask is applied on a single panel or in series and adapts to any kind of surface: flat, hollow, curved, linear, undulated and with varying thicknesses and heights.
ProGask can be employed both on products for use indoors and outdoors.

Impianti Automatizzati per guarnizioni poliuretaniche

PROGASK comprises a range of soft and elastic gaskets. Indeed, they adapt to compression and then go back to their initial shape when no longer ‘stressed’.

ProGask is non-toxic and anallergic!


The gasket consists of two components: a prepolymer and a mix of polyols and additives. Their reaction at room temperature creates the non-toxic and anallergic polyurethane gasket.

ProGask resiste al Freddo Estremo fino a -20°, Europoliuretani
ProGask resiste al Caldo Estremo fino a 70°, Europoliuretani

Application sectors

Electrical panels


Air treatment



Photovoltaic sector