For an environmentally sustainable future

We believe in and create a sustainable future every day

Our R&D principles

We want a sustainable future and we believe that the essence of innovation is closely tied to the environment, as for us innovation means being able to develop a product designed around you, with the future in mind.

Plant-based polyols

The polyols we now use for our polyurethane systems are plant-based, such as castor oil, and we are currently designing natural systems without food products.

PET polyols

In our production we also use recycled products, such as polyols deriving from recycled PET bottles that meet the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC), extending the longevity of the product.

We create chemicals for the future

The laboratory in our head office is the place where our chemical engineers develop new polyurethane products by designing solutions to reduce environmental pollution, cutting CO2 emissions and improving the long-term quality of the product.

Quality control

In 2021 we adopted procedures compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 to ensure we work to the highest quality standards.

Raw materials are accurately selected by our experts and a quality check is then carried out on incoming and outgoing material.

Quality checks are conducted on the systems formulated by having the batch sample undergo some laboratory tests to check its composition and ensure it matches the parameters on the technical data sheet. 

The results are available upon request in the specific analysis report of each product batch. The batch sample is held for at least 6 months.

Laboratorio chimico di Europoliuretani per la ricerca e sviluppo di sistemi poliuretanici