2k Dispensers

30 Series | 100 Series

For dual-component polyurethane adhesives

An advanced model with unparalleled ease of use.
Impianti di colla poliuretanica Europoliuretani Dispenser 2k
Why use a dispenser?
Accurate Iso and Pol dosage
Even and accurate application
Excellent adhesive preservation
No direct contact with the adhesive
DISPENSER 2K per colla poliuretanica, Impianti Europoliuretani

The essential elements to ensure excellent industrial gluing are the chemical reaction of the components and even product application, which can only be guaranteed by a polyurethane glue dispenser.

Smart mixing
As this is a dual-component glue dispenser, we have designed a static mixing method to make work easier for operators.

No more manual washing!

With this smart system, the mixing chamber does not need to be washed after dispensing the product.
Testa di miscelazione degli impianti di erogazione di colla poliuretanica Europoliuretani
Special treatment
Bi-component glue can be abrasive, which is why we carry out special treatments on the pumping system to make it studier.

Technical aspects

The 2K dispenser is suitable for glue with and without fillers, and can be combined with an automated system.

30 kg or 100 kg

pump operated by the electric motor..

Flow rate
Set via a PLC..

Controlled and set via thermoregulators.

Pannello di controllo dei Dispenser 2K Europoliuretani
Impianti di colla poliuretanica Europoliuretani Dispenser 2k
Dettaglio di design dei dispenser 2k Europoliuretani

A unique design in every respect

A unique design that conveys ease of use, reflecting the attention to detail and dedication we put into our work.

Why automate your system?

If the glue is used repeatedly, it ensures more efficient production, thereby reducing manual work. We design and manufacture the best automated system for faultless gluing precision.