Europoliuretani x AperiGiovani

Proud to contribute to APerIGiovani’s new project to promote social change! Once again this year, Europoliuretani is dedicating its commitment to social issues as a sponsor of two crucial projects in collaboration withContinua a leggere

Europoliuretani embraces solar energy

Another step forward, toward a greener future under the banner of innovation and sustainability. Another step towards a greener future of innovation and sustainability. We have recently integrated photovoltaic panels into our facility.Continua a leggere

Innovative Halogen-Free Polyurethane Systems

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3MI9nPi6mA Europoliuretani is dedicated to environmental awareness and consistently strivesto research innovative products.This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.By seeking eco-friendly solutions, Europoliuretani aims to minimize its environmental impactwhileContinua a leggere

Europoliuretani for Social Issues

Autism is a neurological condition that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), affects approximately 1 in 54 children in the United States. This condition can affect an individual’s communication,Continua a leggere


Using polyurethane adhesives instead of traditional resins for bonding purposes is increasingly on the rise in the industrial world, both due to their composition and their benefits. This article will guide you throughContinua a leggere

CHILLVENTA, We are coming!

In recent years, we have seen how the world has stood still because of COVID-19. Everything had come to a standstill, even humankind, buried by the uncertainty of tomorrow. Due to the inabilityContinua a leggere