Il progetto senza alogeni green di Europoliuretani

Innovative Halogen-Free Polyurethane Systems

Europoliuretani is dedicated to environmental awareness and consistently strives
to research innovative products.
This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.
By seeking eco-friendly solutions, Europoliuretani aims to minimize its environmental impact
while delivering high-quality products.

As a system house of polyurethane systems, R&D is always striving to find more innovative polyurethanes. Today we are dedicated to an innovative solution started in our laboratories with the primary goal of chemical engineers to create a more environmentally friendly PU system: “halogen – free” polyurethane systems.

In this article, we will delve into these new formulations of polyurethane systems, examining their impact on the applications where they are used. We will identify the most significant differences between traditional polyurethane systems and “halogen-free” ones, defining the advantages that the latter offer.

"Traditional polyurethane systems with halogens

The use of halogen-based substances (containing atoms of chlorine, bromine, fluorine, etc.) is known in the literature to have an excellent impact as flame retardants, enabling higher fire reaction classes to be achieved.

On the other hand, the chemistry of halogens is under scrutiny by regulators due to suspicions of reproductive and developmental toxicity (TCPP) and impacts on aquatic environments. Furthermore, the use of halogens not only causes environmental problems but also health issues due to their toxicity and the production of polluting substances during disposal.

Europoliuretani's new Halogen-Free Polyurethane Systems

Our mission has always been to provide innovative and, above all, sustainable solutions to meet the needs of both customers and the environment.

With the introduction of these polyurethane systems, Europoliuretani is determined to redefine industry standards, focusing on safety, efficiency, and the conservation of natural resources.

To achieve this, we have developed halogen-free, HFO-free, and PFAS-free, polyurethane systems by reformulating the system to achieve higher safety levels, employing different strategies: the use of high aromatic content polyols, polyols derived from PET, and the utilization of phosphorus as a raw material with flame-retardant properties.

In achieving these types of greener products, we have maintained the same quality, stability and long service life of the product our customers appreciate.

Advantages of water-based halogen - free systems

In addition to adhering perfectly to environmental and safety regulations, halogen-free PU systems have three main advantages:

Eco-friendly: They reduce environmental impact and contribute to preserving the quality of water, soil, and air. This aspect is essential for conscious companies sensitive to these issues, wanting to adopt sustainable business policies. 

Health and safety: By eliminating toxic elements, halogen-free polyurethane systems create a safer working environment for those in contact with this product. Harmful emissions are significantly reduced in the production process.

Industries for Halogen-Free Systems

Polyurethane is known for its versatility, i.e., its ability to be used in various applications.

Is the same true for halogen-free polyurethane? Yes.

Halogen-free polyurethane systems can be used in various industrial sectors, from refrigeration and HVAC to thermal insulation.


Promoting a vision of progress and sustainability, including through halogen-free polyurethane systems, is a commitment we have made to the environment and our customers to offer innovative solutions.

By eliminating halogens from this type of material, we pave the way for a greener future. We continuously invest in research and development with a focus on the environment and safety,working to build increasingly efficient polyurethane systems.

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