David Drahoninsky: un campione dalle mille medaglie

David Drahonínský: a Paralympic Champion with a thousand medals.

Archery is a sport in which precision, mental control and determination must combine to perfection.

Among the many talents practising this discipline, there is one Paralympian who  shines with his incredible ability: David Drahonínský.
His skill in the art of archery has made him a true icon of the Paralympic world, winning many medals and awards throughout his career.

His resilience and unwavering dedication allowed him to overcome every obstacle, becoming an inspiration to many people around the world.

His rise to success began with his first medals at the Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008, where he proved to the world that he was an extraordinary athlete. However, David did not stop at just one victory; on the contrary, he continued to improve and dominate the Paralympic scene for years to follow.

The World Championship in Donaueschingen in 2015, bringing home a gold medal, was another memorable event in his career. David also broke world records, impressing the public and the archery community with his precision and extraordinary technical skill in 2014 and 2015. He set the last world record in 2018 in Olbia, Sardinia.

His dedication and efforts were rewarded with other important victories, such as a second gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, proving once again his status as a champion in the world of Paralympic archery. 

2022 was another successful year for David, winning another major medal at the European Paralympic Championships in Rome. 

In the recent world competition in Pilsen, David once again amazed the world with his extraordinary performance. Not only did he help bring home the gold medal in the mixed team, but he also won the bronze medal in both the individual competition and the men’s team. 

David Drahonìsky’s story is much more than a sequence of victories; it is a testimony to the positive impact a sportsman can have on society. His determination and resilience are a shining example of how commitment and passion can lead to extraordinary results. Every time David shoots an arrow, he does it for himself, for his country, but also for all those who follow and support him.

We, together with Technologie Pur, support David in his competitions.

Our collaborator George Schejbal of Technologie Pur (a company from Nàchod in the Czech Republic) is a long-time supplier and friend of champion David Drahonínský.

George’s company specialises in the production of polyurethane foam cushions, including those specifically for wheelchairs for people with disabilities.

We are proud of the fact that Paralympic champion David (as well as other Paralympic champions) is sitting in cushions developed by Technologie Pur though our viscoelastic polyurethane foam.

David, the Paralympic archery champion, who has shown us all that nothing is impossible when you are fully committed to pursuing your dreams. May his example inspire more and more people to strive for their goals, overcoming obstacles and reaching unimaginable heights.