Robot Antropomorfo e la potenza del Software di Europoliuretani


There is a key element that characterize our polyurethane gasket systems equipped with anthropomorphic robot and this is essential when choosing the equipment.

In the industrial fiel, the anthopomorphic Robot with sic degrees of freedom is one of the most used solutions, thats to its movement flexibility and coordination, as well as the versatility with which it can perform different tasks.

The anthropomorphic Robot, as suggested by its etymology, features affinity and similarity to humans, as its purpose is to perform a specific job by the reproduction ho human-like movements.

The anthropomorphic Robot receives the input from the woftware to perform the task for which it has been programmed.

One must consider that the use of the anthropomorphic can presents some limints usually related to the difficult of programming. It is the software the complex part of the system and it requires the presence of highly-specialized operators for the use of the machines.

Is it the case for our gasket systems as well? Absolutely not.

We have developed a software with an easy and intuitive interface, suitable for the use of untrained operators, which allows to program the daily production with ease.

The process is immediate: by importing the technical file of the figure, the machine will automatically read the program. The operator will just have to choose the speed and the point of junction. The rest will be entirely managed by the system.

Each entered program will be automatically saved and can be easily accessed in a few clicks. If you would like to produce a different seal (more or less softer, higher, etc.) you can simply modify the ratio of the two components: isocyanate and polyol.

A simple software allows to accelerate the job and make the production more efficient, giving the robot the possibility to reach its full potential.

With Europoliuretani, you have the assurance of a technologically advanced and user-friendly solution.

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