CHILLVENTA, We are coming!

In recent years, we have seen how the world has stood still because of COVID-19. Everything had come to a standstill, even humankind, buried by the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Due to the inability and awareness that it is not possible to plan for the long term, the planet took a step backward.

Despite the sense of instability caused by the pandemic, that affected all of us, we started working in a way that could reduce the risk. Hence smart working, Zoom videocalls, the distance between friends and relatives, and remote learning classes became the norm.

The pandemic had drastically changed our behaviors, and although some of them have been changed in a positive way, such as the favorable impact on the environment, it is promising that slowly, the situation is shifting.

We do not know yet if normality is in sight, and among the many lessons from the pandemic, we definitely learnt that there is no certainty about the future. Taking a look at what is happening right now, such as the reduction of covid restrictions and the reopening of events such as concerts, fairs, etc., help us in staying positive. in fact, the events sector is among those most affected, and we believe that this reopening is a sign of a return to normalcy.

In October 2022 we will be at the Chillventa exhibition (Nuremberg, Germany) where we will proudly be presenting our product range: from foaming machines to the systems to apply polyurethane adhesives and gaskets.

Chillventa, the world’s leading exhibition in refrigeration technology, has always been a meeting point with our customers, where we can discuss, plan, grow and present our products.

Besides our equipment, we are excited to introduce our polyurethane chemicals, including our one- and two-component adhesives, our polyurethane two-component gaskets and our injection polyurethane systems. The exhibition gives an opportunity to directly listen to your requests and plan together the most suitable chemical for you; this is possible thanks to our Research & Development laboratory that constantly develops, customizes, and improves polyurethane systems depending on your production field.


Hall 9 allo stand n 460.

To request your free entry or schedule a meeting at Chillventa we ask you to send an email to our customer service department customerservice@europoliuretani.com, or contact us at +39 049 9386521.

See you at Chillventa!