Quality and environment policy

EUROPOLIURETANI designs, develops and manufactures:

  • Rigid, felxible and integral polyurethane systems
  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Polyurethane gaskets
  • Foam equipment for polyurethane injection
  • Dispenser for one-component and two-component polyurethane glues
  • Gasket equipment with cartesian or anthropomorphic robot

EUROPOLIURETANI’s main targets are both the complete and constant identification and satisfaction of customer’s need in order to maintain a primary reputation in terms of Quality of its products and services, and the control of environmental aspects and impacts arising from and related to its direct and indirect activities.

This goal is pursued through:

  • • periodic assessment of the factors of the Context in which the company operates as well as of the Interested Parties and of their related needs/expectations which may affect EUROPOLIURETANI’s ability to satisfy its customers, to comply with laws and regulation in force and to achieve adequate margins
  • • periodic assessment of business processes, highlighting and documenting potential Threats to be prevented and / or Opportunities to be developed, with the definition of clear and documented Improvement Plans, monitoring their actual implementation and effectiveness
  • Definition and monitoring of Indicators/Objectives related to different business processes
  • periodic control of the level of Customers’ Satisfaction
  • • constant recording, management and monitoring of any Non-Conformity, including Customer Complaints, with particular attention to the evaluation of the resulting costs and to the identification of CAUSES and consequent Corrective Actions aimed at the Continuous Improvement of company activities / processes and products / services
  • Development, certification and maintenance of a Company Quality System compliant with ISO 9001
  • • Development, certification and maintaining a Company Environmental System in accordance with the ISO 14001, with commitment and compliance with current legislation, both on site and in its process
  • Design of corporate infrastructures, plants and the production process of the new corporate headquarters aimed at optimizing sustainability in terms of renewable energy consumption
  • Commitment to environmental protection and prevention of sources of pollution
  • Commitment to the costant improvement of the process of Environmental and Quality performance

To achieve the above goals EUROPOLIURETANI promotes and develops the following activities:

  • Involvement of all Collaborators towards Continuous Improvement of the Quality of products / services and business activities / processes
  • Planning and implementation of periodic Internal Audits to evaluate and monitor the application and effectiveness of the Quality and Enviroment System
  • Planning and implementation of periodic Management Reviews
  • Assessment of the need for any new both technical and human resources

The collaboration of all EUROPOLIURETANI’s staff in respecting the requirements of the Quality and Enviroment System is the fundamental requirement to make the aforementioned objectives achievable and to be able to remain competitive on the market, guaranteeing innovation, quality, reliability, price.

The general objectives indicated in this document are more analytically related to the various company processes and activities, quantified and monitored by the Management through the periodic verification and updating of the document “OBJECTIVES and INDICATORS for QUALITY and ENVIROMENT”.

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